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Buying auto insurance for your electric vehicle can be a bit different than buying it for a standard car. Some people think electric car insurance is more expensive. It does not have to be. What is important to remember is that this type of insurance needs to be ideal for the type of vehicle you own. READ MORE >>

Perhaps you heard the saying that age is just a number. When it comes to buying life insurance, that may be the case. People are living longer. Many are looking for ways to create a more extensive estate plan for their loved ones. Still, others are leaving behind a significant amount of debt. READ MORE >>

Many home insurance policies cover acts of violence. As you read through your home insurance documents, you may notice this on your policy. An act of violence is a type of peril. Every insurance policy lists the types of perils they cover and those they do not cover. READ MORE >>

Medical payment coverage is one component of a commercial auto insurance policy. You and your drivers should understand what it covers. This feature provides coverage for incidents in which passengers suffer an injury while in your vehicles. Without it, your company may have to pay for these losses out of pocket. READ MORE >>

Many people purchase used cars. It provides a variety of advantages including cost effectiveness. Yet, getting the right auto insurance for this type of vehicle is important. Your car insurance agent can guide you through the process. However, there are a few key things to know before you choose just any policy. READ MORE >>

Older Americans might find it challenging to get enough life insurance. However, with the appropriate approach, many can still find coverage. After initial enrollment, opportunities to get more protection might still arise. How can you expand your options? It may take a extra steps but can prove worthwhile. READ MORE >>

For student drivers just learning how to navigate their vehicle, the risks are high. It is important to have auto insurance for your child as soon as he or she is behind the wheel. This is the best way to safeguard your child should an accident occur. When you add them depends on several things. READ MORE >>

One of the most-reported general liability insurance claims are slips and falls. A variety of hazards might cause someone to fall and get hurt when visiting your business. You have a responsibility for customer safety. What can you do to reduce trip and fall risks throughout your workplace and customer  areas? READ MORE >>

How often do you get behind the wheel of a car? If you have someone living in your home that drives your vehicle, this person may need to be on your policy. Your insurer needs to include current information about anyone who operates your car.  But, sometimes, you may also need to let the car insurance agent know about other drivers. READ MORE >>

Life insurance provides a safety net to your dependents. These are individuals who depend on you for financial support. If something happened to you, such as a car accident, and you did not make it, what would happen to your family? You may think they would do okay. They would move on. READ MORE >>

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